Mountain Hiking - Mountain Club KOZUF


Forth Anniversary at Mountaineering House "Tome Shutov - Krotki" 2017


11/19/2017 Sunday

- 8:00 am start of the tour

- Route: Mountain House "Tome Shutov - Krotki" 625m altitude - Manceva Preseka - Siglica 1200m. Altitude - Top Two Ears 1766m altitude (hiking 3 - 4 hours).

- 11 am arriving at the top

- 12:00 o'clock returning to the Mountaineering House

- 14-14: 30 arrival at the Mountaineering House

- 15 hrs. LUNCH (mountain bean)

The organizer Mountain Club "Kozuf" Gevgelija provides LUNCH and BEVERAGES for all participants.

- The track is medium heavy

- Transport from Gevgelija to the Mountain House "Tome Shutov - Krotki" for the members of the Mountain Association "Kozuf" Gevgelija and for all interested from Gevgelija who will apply in the Mountaineering Club for a price of 100 MKD, 1,7 euros (departure from Gevgelija is 7 hours). All other participants in this action, mountaineers and nature lovers are obliged to come to the Mountain House "Tome Shutov - Krotki", located in the village of Konsko, 20 km away from Gevgelija with their own transport.

- Application deadline until Thursday, November 16, 2017


- Each participant is obliged to carry cutlery, as well as suitable mountaineering equipment.

- hiking boots (preferably)

- Jacket, cap, gloves

- Raincoat.

- Mandatory registration of all participants by 16.11.2017, the members of the Mountain Association "Kozuf" and all interested in Gevgelija, registration in the office of the Kozuf Mountain Club every Monday and Thursday from 19:00 hrs., and the other mountaineers from other cities to phone at Mileva Karagonova 078-207-640, Risto Kartov 078-455-966.

The Mountaineering Club "Kozuf" Gevgelija, as the organizer of this action, reserves its right to change the program according to the weather conditions.